Sunny Asemota


Sunny Asemota is a multi-artist, who draws, paints, models, repaints, sculpts, designs sets and constructs installations, each and altogether with great dynamism, bringing all sorts of materials into play. Sunny is an artist of our time Regitze Oppenhejm

The blog

My idea with The Blog is to share art in many different forms.
In words and i pictures. It can be something which or someone who
has inspired me. It can be written, painted, moulded, sculptured art
by me or someone else.......Keep and eye out.
It takes a woman without equal to provoke comparison with the celebrated lives of both Marie Grubbe and Johanne Louise Heiberg. A beautiful girl from an impoverished background,…
“Money won’t buy you love”, someone once assured me, “but it will get you a damn good reproduction”. Sorrow, in contrast, almost always arrives free of charge. Even…
Some of the pieces will be exhibited at Aldershvile Planteskole Bagsværdvej 194, 2880 Bagsværd Opening reception 12th of June at 13.30 -15.00 - the exhibition will be open…
Sunny Asemota | paintings, drawings and ceramics